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  • Hello! I am a musician Sammy John Kimari

    Music only makes me stronger. Music speaks to the heart in ways that words cannot express.



A highly versatile musician and songwriter, Sammy is a Finnish bassist who released his first single in 2022.

Sammy John Kimari is a Finnish musician and songwriter who started to release his old and new songs more seriously in 2022. He was born in Helsinki in 1959 and his first instrument and contact with music was an accordion when he was 6 years old. Sammy did numerous gigs with the accordion before he was a teenager. At age 13, he started to play bass guitar but was also interested in guitars, keyboards and drums. Sammy has played a variety of kinds of music with cover bands from country to reggae and from disco to Toto. He released his first single «Nothing To Say» in 2022 with featured singer Albulena Jashari and latest single «Love at first Sight» was released on February 9, 2024.

Sammy writes his music from a very honest and personal perspective, creating fascinating stories and sophisticated melodies which evoke the excitement of his music, using different musical elements and sounds. Sammy is open and he likes all types of music and finds sensations in every style of music and rhythms, that's why he does not limit himself to a specific (music) genre. Read more about Sammy`s music from "ENCHANTING JOURNEY!" article written by Dave Copper from UK Talk Radio.

John Smith

Sammy`s Manager


Latest Single


“Love at first sight”

Released: 09/2/2024
Label: Sampadi Records
Format: Digital Download
ISRC: FIH6N2300005

  1. Love at first sight Sammy John Kimari 1:40
  2. Te quiero Felipe Romero 1:26
  3. Happy Day Sammy John Kimari 1:03
  4. Come with me Sammy John Kimari 02:18
  5. Nothing To Say Albulena Jashari 02:10


If you are interested in my music or want to contact me, please fill out the form or call the number: +34 652 309 638

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